Ephemeral Architecture: A Modest Proposition

Ephemeral Architecture: A Modest Proposition

A Collaborative Symposium and Exhibition

Hosted by Ciudad Abierta and I-Park

 Edited text:


As an outgrowth of the philosophy underlying the environmental art and Thanatopolis programs at I-Park and as an homage to the motivation behind the poetically expressive architecture of Ciudad Abierta, the symposium and exhibition will explore the concept of ephemeral architecture.

Employing the methods and spirit of the fine arts, ephemeral architecture is the physical distillation of an abstraction: a sense of intimacy or urgency, a musical or poetic phrase or gesture, a memory or a mystery.  It is an architecture of listening: to the sounds, pulses and echoes of a place.  An architecture of touching: the shape, textures and history of a space.

Key Questions:


What would be the marks of an ephemeral architecture?

  • Could architecture truly ‘submit’ to a subsidiary role in the creative process?
  • Could architecture truly ‘submit’ to a subsidiary role in the creative process?
  • Is this whole idea nothing more than dreamily glorifying and rationalizing things that are already happening in the world of outsider, unsolicited or theoretical architecture – and if so, does that matter?
  • Does this concept have any merit whatsoever in the realm of large, institutional complexes?  Or could these complexes benefit by a mix of ‘hard’ and ephemeral elements?

About mayacochrane

Maya Cochrane is interested in exploring the ephemeral and transitory aspects of daily life. These explorations take the form of photo documentation, instillation, collaborative work, writing, drawing and modeling. Formally trained in Architecture at the University of Manitoba followed by the Bartlett School of Architecture, Maya's philosophy is to operate between the thresholds of Architecture, Art, Instillation, Interaction & Design. Currently Maya is working in an Architecture practice and in her spare time is exploring the meditative practice of drawing and doodling at scales of 100mm square to 100cm square. Zentangle art.

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