Artist Exchange Tim Tsang


Tim Tsang

Tim Tsang is a composer, performer, producer, and remix artist born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver, Canada and is now based in Boston, MA. Using the piano and synthesizer along with laptop and electronics, his work floats between brute force and careful contemplation. He studied at Berklee College of Music, and has written and performed music for Minimoog, piano, choir, video, and laptop.


Best known as the “Moogist”, Tsang explores the use of the Minimoog in various music genres and artistic media, and collaborates with music producers, composers, dancers/choreographers, and visual artists from Germany, Japan, Canada, and the US. His expansive creative processes are documented online over a span of over 120 videos. He has given numerous solo performances at concert halls, art galleries, churches, nightclubs, and more, and has also performed/toured with various bands/groups: Business For Pleasure, Complicated Handshake, Elizabeth Poe, GB3, 25 Hours a Day, and ElephantFeedMonkey.


About mayacochrane

Maya Cochrane is interested in exploring the ephemeral and transitory aspects of daily life. These explorations take the form of photo documentation, instillation, collaborative work, writing, drawing and modeling. Formally trained in Architecture at the University of Manitoba followed by the Bartlett School of Architecture, Maya's philosophy is to operate between the thresholds of Architecture, Art, Instillation, Interaction & Design. Currently Maya is working in an Architecture practice and in her spare time is exploring the meditative practice of drawing and doodling at scales of 100mm square to 100cm square. Zentangle art.

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