Around the fire

In Fire & Memory: On Architecture and Energy by Luis sFernandez-Galiano,

He states that the hearth of the fire was the first architectural space.  That the construction of Architecture was always a question of energy.  Early man had to make the decision between burning the wood in the fire to give off heat or cutting down the wood to build shelter.  The act of ephemeral architecture is that of burning the wood and allowing the thermal space of the fire to direct transient and changing thresholds in which people position their bodies in its thermal space.

Él declara que el hogar del fuego(incendio) era el primer espacio arquitectónico. Que la construcción de Arquitectura siempre fuera una pregunta de energía. El hombre temprano tuvo que tomar la decisión entre la incineración de la madera en el fuego(incendio) de emitir el calor o la reducción la madera para construir el refugio. El acto de la arquitectura efímera es el de incineración de la madera y permiso del espacio termal del fuego(incendio) para dirigir umbrales pasajeros y que cambian en los cuales la gente coloca sus cuerpos en su espacio termal.


About mayacochrane

Maya Cochrane is interested in exploring the ephemeral and transitory aspects of daily life. These explorations take the form of photo documentation, instillation, collaborative work, writing, drawing and modeling. Formally trained in Architecture at the University of Manitoba followed by the Bartlett School of Architecture, Maya's philosophy is to operate between the thresholds of Architecture, Art, Instillation, Interaction & Design. Currently Maya is working in an Architecture practice and in her spare time is exploring the meditative practice of drawing and doodling at scales of 100mm square to 100cm square. Zentangle art.

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